Feb 042014



That’s right!  Gordon Roqué will be performing live at BB Kings Restaurant and Blues Club in downtown Nashville on March 13!!!   Boasting one of the best sound stages in the Music City, Gordon will be rocking out on his keyboard in the spirit of showmanship and is planning to give one heck of a show.

Advance physical tickets will be $11.00, and they are on sale now!!!  Otherwise, they can also be purchased online (with an online processing fee of $1.95) by clicking HERE.

This will be an all-ages show and more details will be announced soon.

Thank you for supporting Gordon Roque and his music!


Jan 072014


Full of updates, photography, and monthly features, Gordon Roque’s e-newsletter, The Wonderful World of Gordon, has always been a sight to behold.  In a few days, the newest issue, the first of 2014, will be released to e-mail inboxes everywhere.  There will be some great announcements of things to come in the new year, pretty imagery, an original poem, and lots more.  Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or pc, you will be able view it in full color on any device any time you want!!

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Thank you and keep a lookout for the newest issue coming soon!!

Dec 022013


“It is an honor for me to help my Filipino sisters and brothers in this time of extreme need.  Although no one in my family was affected by the tropical hurricane, my heart goes out to the thousands of families who have lost loved ones and homes.”

-Gordon Roqué

On Saturday, December 7, 2013, Gordon Roqué will be performing for a special benefit event in which all proceeds will go towards the victims of the recent monster Typhoon Haiyan that wreaked havoc upon his native country of the Philippines.  This event will be hosted by the Filipino American Association of Tennessee, Inc, and tickets/entry fee will be $35 per person.  The venue will be the Hotel Preston at 733 Briley Parkway, Nashville, TN 37217.  The festivities will begin promptly at 5:00 PM at which time you can catch Gordon Roqué perform what he plans to be a very lively opening set.

Sep 242013

“It’s always been a dream of mine to incorporate my visual art into my performances.  It’s time to take some small steps towards that dream.”

-Gordon Roqué


Flower Promo

On Saturday, October 26, 2013, Gordon Roque will mount his first ever multi-media performance that will incorporate his live music along with visual imagery he has privately filmed.  His live performance will be the soundtrack to several surrealist vignettes that will be projected on stage throughout the show.

There will also be a rare guest performance by the very talented musician Tony Youngblood.

Cafe Coco in Nashville will be the venue for this special, intimate performance.   Seating is limited, and there will be a cover charge of $5 to help offset the costs involved with producing this show.

More details to be announced in the coming weeks.

Aug 282013



Recording has officially begun for Gordon Roque’s long-overdue second album.  In the weeks and months to come, this process will become more of a multi-media and multi-platform experience that incorporates various musical, visual, and artistic components built into this new album of music.

As this journey begins, we would like to invite you to join and follow Gordon Roqué in your platform of choice.  See the world through his eyes.  Hear the sounds.  See the sights.

Brand new, short videos will be broadcasted on Keek, Youtube, and Instagram in the coming months.  Here is the first in a series .  .  .

Aug 26, 2013 | From the first session in the recording studio for my new album. Mics in place. Hit record. Play with passion. by gordonroque on Keek.com


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There will also be a great deal of original photography in this new project that will mainly be posted through Gordon’s official instagram page.


Like this .  .  .

See what Gordon loves on Pinterest.  You can follow his boards and get a full view of what inspires him.  There are boards for pianos, visual art, reading nooks, interior design, knitting, and um, whales.  Yes, whales.  Go check it out HERE to see what we mean.

Of course, feel free to visit Gordon’s official blog Where Pianos Roam (WPR).   This is where Gordon shares all kinds of insights and information about all of the things he as learned both as a creative artist and an independent musician.  Click HERE to visit WPR.

Lastly, there’s always the official website, www.gordonroque.com, to get all of the up-to-the-minute information about upcoming shows and events.

There’s much more to come in the days, weeks, and months ahead.  Stay tuned.


Jul 232013


Gordon Roqué will be performing a live set of music at this year’s Lammas Celebration at the French Consulate in Nashville, TN.  He will be doing a rousing set of new material from his forthcoming new album that is due for release later this year.

When: Saturday, August 3, 2013,
Where: The French Consulate in Nashville, TN

More shows to be announced soon.



Jul 162013

Gordon Roque has officially joined  instagram, where people can post gorgeous photos using all kinds of fun filters and effects.  He will be using this as a daily  photo-journal of his life and creative pursuits.

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Instagram is primarily accessed through the Android and Apple/I-phone app stores and cell phone ecosystems.  Visit your app store to create a free account and join.

Say Hi to Gordon on Instagram and watch his life unfold in pictures!!!

Jun 252013



In the coming months, Gordon Roqué will be preparing to release his second full-length album!   Stay up to date on the latest news by subscribing to his E-mail Newsletter The WWOG, otherwise known as The Wonderful World of Gordon.

In addition to all the latest news on upcoming shows and releases, you’ll also get to see Gordon’s orginal art and photography as well as a new poem in each issue!!

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Jun 182013


Welcome to the newly-updated website for the music and art of Gordon Roque!  It has been outfitted with a new layout and striking promotional images by Nashville-based photographer Lullette M.

This is just Phase 1 of what will be an online, multi-media hub for all of the musical and visual projects Gordon Roqué will be pursuing from now on.  Additional features to come will be a portfolio page to display his visual art, an extensive photo gallery, a video page, and a fully-functioning merchandise store.

All of these features will be added to this site as Gordon prepares to release his 2nd full-length album, “The Gardener”, later this year.

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There is more wonderful news to come.

Please stay tuned!!



Feb 112013


Nashville-based artist and performer Gordon Roque is currently seeking a drummer to join his band as he prepares to record and promote his brand new, forthcoming, full-length album to be released later this year.

Qualities desired include a strong background in jazz and the versatility to perform a variety of styles (Latin, big band, funk, pop, classical, etc.)  Musicians who have large egos and a lack of humility and respect towards the creative process need not apply.

An easy-going demeanor and a strong work ethic will be wholeheartedly appreciated.When chosen, this drummer will be actively involved in the arrangement of all the new songs in Roque’s upcoming LP,  as well as performing on the recordings and playing in shows.  Roqué hopes to have a  fully collaborative and creative partnership with this drummer.

Please send all serious inquiries via e-mail at gordon(at)gordonroque(dot)com.