Say Hi to Gordon on the Streets of Nashville this Summer

May 23, 2015

Design / Photography / Where Pianos Roam


As many of you know, I have a side project called Where Pianos Roam.  In this project, I basically document the adventures of a travelling miniature grand piano named Oreo and her rowdy bench named Buttercup.  I recently re-launched the project on Instagram a couple of months ago.

At various points this summer, I will be taking this project to the streets of Nashville and creating all kinds of whimsical vignettes.  Equipped with my camera and that formerly mysterious black bag that carries my precious subject matter, I will be stationed at various scenic and colorful locations.

What often happens while I am out doing this is that people come over wondering why the heck I am taking photos of a tiny piano and bench. Well, this time I will be prepared for their confused looks and questions.  Pictured above is one of five little photo cards I had made.  I will be giving these out to anyone who comes by and asks what I am doing.    The brief description on the back of each card, along with the web address to the Instagram site, should provide a sufficient explanation.


Here is the instagram address if you want to see my labor of love:
Feel free to follow @wherepianosroam if you like.

If anyone out there has any suggestions of picturesque places to capture in Nashville, please leave a comment below!

I know for sure that I will be visiting these locations:
The Walking Bridge
Printer’s Alley
Centennial Park
Five Points
Vanderbilt University Campus
Belmont University Campus

So, if you see an Asian with a camera taking pictures of tiny things around Nashville, that would be me!!!

Stop by and say HI!!!




My 10 Actions for a Simple Life

May 15, 2015

Simple Living

homeimgI long to live a simple life.

Through time, I’ve been able to figure out a few things.  I learned how to scale down to the purest forms of what I hold dear.  I have the the accumulation of years and the onslaught of maturity to thank because I could not have done this alone and definitely not when I was a younger version of myself.

Once I figured out what’s most important to me, everything else became much clearer.  All other clutter faded in the background.  It became easier to determine what to prioritize and what to discard.

Through trial and error and lots of soul searching, I rummaged through so much noise and nonsense to find the parts of my life that will sustain my spirit in the long haul.

Here are my 10 actions for a simple life.  This is what  I have decided mean the most to me:

1. Spending time with family and friends on a regular basis (this includes my cat, of course)

2.  Expressing myself by performing and writing as much as I want

3.  Playing music every day

4.  Reading books and writings from people whose ideas and stories I connect with

5.  Being kind to our environment by recycling regularly and reducing energy consumption

6.  Learning a new skill

7.  Being thankful every day

8.  Exercising a whole lot

9.  Eating something organic with every meal

10.  Living with intention and mindfulness

So, how do I do any of this?  I have turned them into habits that each have their own specified blocks of time throughout the week.

For example, weekends are generally reserved for family and friends.  I commit to playing music on my keyboard for up to an hour every morning after I wake up, though I usually play much more throughout the week.  I prepare up to six meals in advance during the week, and this allows me to add veggies and natural foods to my diet.  I clean house, handle recycling, water plants, and do laundry on Sunday mornings.  I commit to exercising at least 5 days a week.  This includes a combination of walking outdoors and on a treadmill at the gym.  I also go for a long walk or bike ride on Saturday mornings.  This year, I have been posting what I am thankful for every day on Social Media.  I plan to continue to do this with a thankfulness journal thereafter.

The keys to living the life I want to live are deciding what is most important and, secondly, integrating those things as actionable habits on a daily and weekly basis.

This has taken me a long time to cultivate, and it has not always been easy.

Thankfully, I feel happier and more fulfilled.  This has been worth all of the effort.


Gordon Roqué Featured in Out and About Nashville

May 5, 2015

Press / Shows

OAN_Logo_OLWebMy upcoming show at OutCentral LGBT Community Center with Avi Wisnia has been featured in the newest issue of Out and About Nashville (May 2015 Issue).  This concert, which is happening this coming Sunday, May 10, 2015, at 7:00 PM, is only the second in an ongoing New Music Series that OutCentral will be hosting over the next few months.  Special thanks to Steve Raimo, OutCentral’s Programming Coordinator, for organizing this event and to James Grady for writing the wonderful article.

To read the article as well as find out where you can pick up a print copy in any of several locations throughout Nashville, just click HERE.

I am looking forward to playing this show on Sunday night.  (I’ll have the awesome guitarist Andrew Weitze joining me during my set.)  Avi Wisnia, who is a very talented performer based out of Philadelphia, will also be enchanting us with his music on stage.

We’ll see you there!!


Big New Changes at

April 30, 2015

Design / Website Updates


After much thought and planning, I’ve decided to make some big changes here at my official website.

First of all, you might notice that it looks a little different around here.  Well, I wanted to redesign my site in a way that was simple, modern, light, and airy.  I wanted my content to shine through to you, my precious visitors, and not feel cluttered.  So here it is!!!  I am applying simplicity to all aspects of my life.  I hope you like the changes.  Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments section below.  There are more lovely changes to come.

Secondly, now this announcement is a big one.  GORDONROQUE.COM will officially become my blog.  I will be posting for the last time at  Where Pianos Roam next week.  From now on, I will be showcasing all of my creative projects, stories, and viewpoints, as well as promoting my shows and music, in this one place.  This change was also done with simplicity in mind.  It just became too much work to maintain both my music site and my blog.  So, I’m consolidating in hopes that I will be able to share more content consistently.

Where Pianos Roam is not exactly disappearing.  It will exist on instagram through “The Adventures of Oreo and Buttercup”.  You can see it all by going here:  As for the actual website, I’m still figuring that out, and I won’t make those changes until 2016.  I have other projects that need finishing first.

Lastly, I will finally be building my official online store at this site.  You will be able to purchase all things Gordon Roqué right here.  I will be starting off with a few items and slowly building the inventory over time.  Expect to be able to purchase music and prints of my art fairly soon.

Ok, so there you have it.  The main reason I am making all of these changes is to be able to manage my work and how I present it all to the world in a sustainable way.  It’s all just going to happen in one place.

There is SO MUCH MORE to come.

I hope you can stay with me on this journey.



Gordon Roqué Performing LIVE at OutCentral on May 10, 2015

April 26, 2015


WP_20140929_042 (2)

I am proud to announce my next show!!  Fellow pianist Avi Wisnia and I have accepted an invitation to perform our music at the OutCentral LGBT Community Center in Nashville, TN on Sunday, May 10, 2015.  I will be performing my brand of melodic and lush set of tunes with the talented guitarist Andrew Weitze.  Philadelphia-based pianist/singer/songwriter Avi Wisnia will play a set of his very sweet and pretty Bossa Nova-inspired music.  (You can hear his music and check out his tour dates at


Doors will be open by 6:30p, and the show will start promptly at 7:00 PM.

The Outcentral LGBT Community Center is located at 1709 Church St., Nashville, TN 37203.  OutCentral’s mission is to connect, educate, empower, and build a positive, energy-filled space for greater Nashville’s diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

In lieu of a cover charge, donations for the performers and Outcentral will be gladly accepted.

Thank you for supporting independent local and touring musicians!!!

I’ll see you at the show!!!