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One Year of Caturdays with Steinway!!

June 7, 2015

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Roughly about a year ago, I decided to post a photo of my ridiculously photogenic cat Steinway every Saturday. I dubbed the weekly, dorktastically awesome event “CATURDAY” and cushioned it with a lovely little hashtag.

I did this because my cat photo posting on Social Media was starting to get a little too frequent by that point. Steinway was the first I cat I have ever adopted as an adult and on my own. As such, I was, and still am, super excited to have him in my life. Seriously, I am a huge Asian cat lover, and I’ve always wanted to have a cat. Caring for him has been the best thing EVER!!

To celebrate this first year of Caturdays, I thought I might share some of my favorite images that I posted. So, without further ado, let the cuteness now ensue . . .







I hope to have MANY more Caturdays with Steinway!

Thank you for following along!