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A New Season of Where Pianos Roam

May 11, 2017

Creativity / Design / Inspiration / Photography / Where Pianos Roam

For several years now, I have engaged in an ongoing project called Where Pianos Roam (also called WPR).  I have been documenting the exploits of a travelling miniature grand piano named Oreo and her rowdy bench named Buttercup.  Due to academic commitments, I decided to take a break from it for a year.  That year has now ended, and it is time to kick things off again.

A new season of adventures begins on May 15, 2017, on Instagram, which has been the new home of the project for a while now.

I’ll be promoting this all month, and we will have a whole year of shenanigans.

Follow along on Instagram @wherepianosroam

You can see all of the magic on your PC or MAC at:

There is more to come.

Enjoy the journey.


Gordon Roqué to Showcase All New Works on Instagram

June 5, 2016

Creativity / Design / Photography

I’ve decided to make some changes to the way I do social media.  As a way to simplify how I interact with the world, I’ve got something new in store for my official Instagram page.

First of all, I LOVE Instagram.  It’s my favorite social media platform.  As such, it will be the primary source for my online musical and artistic content.  Starting in June 2016, all photos and posts related to my family and personal life will only be shared on Facebook.  This shift will allow me to more fully showcase the music and visual artwork that I want to share with the world on Instagram.

Of course, everything I present on Instagram will also be shared on Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram will be the starting point and primary source.

What will I be showcasing?  I want to explore the numerous ways by which music and visual art can coalesce when presenting ideas and concepts.  You’ll be seeing lots of new sketches and drawings, colorful and vibrant photography, and performance videos with visual and musical elements.

For a long time, I’ve been neglecting my visual art sensibilities in order to focus more on my music, but because I truly love both mediums, it’s about time that I explore how I can combine the two.  Maybe they will enhance each other in meaningful and gratifying ways.

I certainly hope so.

Find me on Instagram ( and starting on June 6, 2016, see all the magic unfold.

Hugs and Asian Power to all.



Visual Inspiration

May 26, 2015

Design / Inspiration / Photography


When you walk into my living room in my home, what you see is the image pictured above.  It is a VERY large-sized print of a vinyl album cover from a band called Manfred Mann’s Earthband.  It was on sale for $20 at a local Nashville store called The Great Escape.  I fell in love with it and bought it on the spot.  Whenever I look at this piece, it inspires me to dream of possibility and take risks, to ascend to higher places.   I really adore how whimsical it is, and it effectively utilizes a wonderful color pallet with its multiple shades of blue, sand, and grey.  This is a perfect example of something that inspires me in my every day life.

Lots of times, I seek out inspiration from other sources.  One of my favorite online places to visit is a site called Apartment Therapy (  People from cities all across America open their doors and show their homes on this site.  You get a glimpse into how other people live and how they infuse their personalities into their homes.  Here are some photos from a recent home that was featured:


These photos are from the home of Sam Rosen and Linsey Burritt who live in Chicago, Illinois.  There are great furniture pieces and lots of natural light here.


As a plant lover myself, I really admire how they use plants in their space.  They built a floating shelf to create a wall of plants to separate the dining area from the living room.


I wish I had these HUGE windows in my kitchen.


They have a very cool looking home office space too .  .  .


And then, the master bedroom.  Oooooh .  .  .


I think what I love most about this home is how minimal it is.  If feels like a cozy oasis where you can clear your head.


With its minimal styling, abundance of natural light, creative use of plants, and the color pallet of blues, earthy browns, and various shades of white, I think this place presents a close approximation of the kind of home I hope to have someday.  (Although I would have more art on the walls as well as more fabrics and textures strewn about.)  I basically love the simplicity of it all.  Visual clutter is visual noise, and I prefer quiet spaces.  This home (and my future home) is a vision of sweet, gentle, and peaceful silence.  To view more photos from this home and see the entire house tour, just click HERE.

Lastly, I recently saw an Iranian Vampire movie on Netflix called A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.  I liked the movie, but I have to say that I LOVED the poster for the film.  It’s so simple yet so effective.  I am going to get my hands on one of these and find a place to hang it in my home.  I really really love it .  .  .


So this is a little taste into the kinds of things that inspire me visually.

What inspires you?


Say Hi to Gordon on the Streets of Nashville this Summer

May 23, 2015

Design / Photography / Where Pianos Roam


As many of you know, I have a side project called Where Pianos Roam.  In this project, I basically document the adventures of a travelling miniature grand piano named Oreo and her rowdy bench named Buttercup.  I recently re-launched the project on Instagram a couple of months ago.

At various points this summer, I will be taking this project to the streets of Nashville and creating all kinds of whimsical vignettes.  Equipped with my camera and that formerly mysterious black bag that carries my precious subject matter, I will be stationed at various scenic and colorful locations.

What often happens while I am out doing this is that people come over wondering why the heck I am taking photos of a tiny piano and bench. Well, this time I will be prepared for their confused looks and questions.  Pictured above is one of five little photo cards I had made.  I will be giving these out to anyone who comes by and asks what I am doing.    The brief description on the back of each card, along with the web address to the Instagram site, should provide a sufficient explanation.


Here is the instagram address if you want to see my labor of love:
Feel free to follow @wherepianosroam if you like.

If anyone out there has any suggestions of picturesque places to capture in Nashville, please leave a comment below!

I know for sure that I will be visiting these locations:
The Walking Bridge
Printer’s Alley
Centennial Park
Five Points
Vanderbilt University Campus
Belmont University Campus

So, if you see an Asian with a camera taking pictures of tiny things around Nashville, that would be me!!!

Stop by and say HI!!!




Big New Changes at

April 30, 2015

Design / Website Updates


After much thought and planning, I’ve decided to make some big changes here at my official website.

First of all, you might notice that it looks a little different around here.  Well, I wanted to redesign my site in a way that was simple, modern, light, and airy.  I wanted my content to shine through to you, my precious visitors, and not feel cluttered.  So here it is!!!  I am applying simplicity to all aspects of my life.  I hope you like the changes.  Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments section below.  There are more lovely changes to come.

Secondly, now this announcement is a big one.  GORDONROQUE.COM will officially become my blog.  I will be posting for the last time at  Where Pianos Roam next week.  From now on, I will be showcasing all of my creative projects, stories, and viewpoints, as well as promoting my shows and music, in this one place.  This change was also done with simplicity in mind.  It just became too much work to maintain both my music site and my blog.  So, I’m consolidating in hopes that I will be able to share more content consistently.

Where Pianos Roam is not exactly disappearing.  It will exist on instagram through “The Adventures of Oreo and Buttercup”.  You can see it all by going here:  As for the actual website, I’m still figuring that out, and I won’t make those changes until 2016.  I have other projects that need finishing first.

Lastly, I will finally be building my official online store at this site.  You will be able to purchase all things Gordon Roqué right here.  I will be starting off with a few items and slowly building the inventory over time.  Expect to be able to purchase music and prints of my art fairly soon.

Ok, so there you have it.  The main reason I am making all of these changes is to be able to manage my work and how I present it all to the world in a sustainable way.  It’s all just going to happen in one place.

There is SO MUCH MORE to come.

I hope you can stay with me on this journey.