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A New Season of Where Pianos Roam

May 11, 2017

Creativity / Design / Inspiration / Photography / Where Pianos Roam

For several years now, I have engaged in an ongoing project called Where Pianos Roam (also called WPR).  I have been documenting the exploits of a travelling miniature grand piano named Oreo and her rowdy bench named Buttercup.  Due to academic commitments, I decided to take a break from it for a year.  That year has now ended, and it is time to kick things off again.

A new season of adventures begins on May 15, 2017, on Instagram, which has been the new home of the project for a while now.

I’ll be promoting this all month, and we will have a whole year of shenanigans.

Follow along on Instagram @wherepianosroam

You can see all of the magic on your PC or MAC at:

There is more to come.

Enjoy the journey.


Where Pianos Roam In a Playground

June 2, 2015

Photography / Where Pianos Roam


Over the month of June 2015, I will be posting a new series of photographs for my ongoing art project Where Pianos Roam.  For those of you who may not be familiar with this undertaking, I am documenting the adventures of a traveling miniature grand piano named Oreo and her rowdy bench (named Buttercup).  Each photo is a vignette of an experience.  The photograph tells the story along with a brief caption.  The entire project currently exists on Instagram as @wherepianosroam.  Here is the actual web address.  Feel free to click on it to see the photos I have posted so far:

In this new photo sequence, Oreo and Buttercup come across a playground, and of course, blissful pandemonium ensues.  I had a lot of fun taking these pictures.  The end result, as you will see, are fun and colorfully whimsical.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along thus far.  I will be shooting more vignettes on the streets of Nashville this summer.  It’s gonna be super fun!!


Say Hi to Gordon on the Streets of Nashville this Summer

May 23, 2015

Design / Photography / Where Pianos Roam


As many of you know, I have a side project called Where Pianos Roam.  In this project, I basically document the adventures of a travelling miniature grand piano named Oreo and her rowdy bench named Buttercup.  I recently re-launched the project on Instagram a couple of months ago.

At various points this summer, I will be taking this project to the streets of Nashville and creating all kinds of whimsical vignettes.  Equipped with my camera and that formerly mysterious black bag that carries my precious subject matter, I will be stationed at various scenic and colorful locations.

What often happens while I am out doing this is that people come over wondering why the heck I am taking photos of a tiny piano and bench. Well, this time I will be prepared for their confused looks and questions.  Pictured above is one of five little photo cards I had made.  I will be giving these out to anyone who comes by and asks what I am doing.    The brief description on the back of each card, along with the web address to the Instagram site, should provide a sufficient explanation.


Here is the instagram address if you want to see my labor of love:
Feel free to follow @wherepianosroam if you like.

If anyone out there has any suggestions of picturesque places to capture in Nashville, please leave a comment below!

I know for sure that I will be visiting these locations:
The Walking Bridge
Printer’s Alley
Centennial Park
Five Points
Vanderbilt University Campus
Belmont University Campus

So, if you see an Asian with a camera taking pictures of tiny things around Nashville, that would be me!!!

Stop by and say HI!!!